originally written and published January 23, 2015

Timing. “They” say timing is everything. Is it, though?  And just who is this “they” everyone keeps talking about?? I don’t know who “they” are, and therefore I’m not sure if I should care about their opinion…but I digress.

Timing has never been my strong suit. I am the awkward pause, the expletive in the moment of silence at family dinner, the ubiquitous foot in the mouth. Although I am not someone who is chronically late for engagements, my timing in other ways leaves much to be desired, much of the time. I think it’s because I’m often oblivious; lost in my own head.

Life is messy. Life is not some organized, lock-step, perfect list of how things are going to happen and WHEN things are going to happen. Sometimes the right thing does really happen at the so-called wrong time. And then what?

Sometimes, you just have to go with it. Sometimes your sensible brain is wrong in telling you that the timing is bad. And that is your brain’s job, to be sensible. To think. But the sensible things are not always the right things. Sometimes you must disregard the brain and trust the heart or the gut or the intuition-whatever you want to call it. That little voice is what will lead you to your happiness. So when an improbable situation plops itself in front of you unexpectedly, sometimes you have to grab it up and run with it for as long as the ride lasts.